The high life, curated perfectly for whatever your taste and preference might be. When it comes to cannabis, everyone has their own personal preferences in terms of different aromas, flavors and effects. Our amazing Stash & Co. budtenders and our exclusive Strain Brain AI are here to share their knowledge of a wide range of cannabis products. Whether your preference is Indica, Sativa, CBD or something in between, we’re always here to help connect you with your perfect Stash.

What’s your perfect smoke? Cannabis users typically associate Indica dominant strains with a relaxing body high and more of a sedative effect. For a euphoric and uplifting experience, there’s Sativa that pairs well with social settings.

Hybrid strains are perfect for that nice balance of chill and up-lifting.

Finally, CBD is known for its more mellow, less intoxicating effects than THC. Check out our AI budtender Strain Brain or ask your local Stash & Co. budtender for help connecting you with your favourite among over 400 of our cannabis products including dried flower, concentrates, vape products, edibles, oils and capsules, beverages and more!


Good times are in high demand — and the expectations are high for the most popular and beloved cannabis strains. But before you pipe up, know your stash and the effects in store. The best cannabis fix gives you exactly what you need — it’s all about what you want — and can safely handle.

For mellow nights and some much-needed calm, pair Indica strains with a relaxing movie or soothing music to make the perfect nightcap. Want to turn on the fun and energy? Go the opposite way with Sativa, a buzzing breed that never fails to liven up the scene, get the party started, and unleash your imagination. And when you want it to hit just right, know that hybrid strains will never fail to provide a dose of both calm and pleasure.


Indica strains are perfectly suited for a cozy night in on the couch, enjoying your favorite movie and some snacks. Typically, Indica strains have more sedative relaxing effects, pairing a euphoric sensation with a relaxing body high. Try an indica strain or product as your go-to night cap!


Sativa strains are more tailored towards higher energy social settings and having a fun giggly experience. Typically associated with a lighter more cerebral euphoric sensation, Sativa strains pair an uplifting cerebral high with an energetic high. The perfect daytime companion for invigorating the mind and body and tapping into your creative energy.


Who says you need to choose? Get the best of both worlds with a hybrid strain. Hybrid strains pair perfectly with either a quiet night at the movies or a fun social night out with friends. Bred to balance the known effects of indica and sativa, Hybrid strains typically pair a relaxing body sensation with an uplifting enjoyable cerebral high.


Not every strain has to be an intense or intoxicating experience. Sometimes you need to unwind without feeling apprehensive about possibly having an unexpected experience with a product higher in THC. Known for its therapeutic applications, CBD products typically offer relaxing effects as well as relief. An excellent choice for newer users, ask your Stash & Co. budtender about exploring a balance of CBD and THC for the perfect mellow experience today!


How do you like your cannabis? A curated stash tailored to your tastes and desired effects deserves to be enjoyed to your utmost fulfillment. Our Stash & Co. budtenders are constantly introducing new ways to use your stash and derive the best cannabis fix, whether it’s pre-rolled, edible, dab, or a good old pipe and bong. Learn how each consumable delivers your desired effects


There’s power in the flowers — dried cannabis grown and cured to perfection, making it a fan-favourite for cannabis users who like to get up close and intimate with their cannabis product. Every LP has their own unique way of storing cannabis, whether you prefer an airtight tin or nitrogen infused baggie, we have the perfect thing for your Stash. Just keep some rolling papers, pipe, bong or a dry herb vaporizer on hand to consume your dried herbs in whichever way you prefer.


Perfect for when you’re on the go or just don’t feel like taking the time to roll the perfect joint, our wide selection of pre-rolls in various strains and flavours are here to save the day. Whether you want a quick pre-rolled joint to enjoy before a movie, or a pack of ten to hold you through the week, we always have the perfect pre-rolled option for your stash.



Hash and Kief are the two most traditional forms of concentrate. Hash simply being the by-product of cannabinoid rich sticky resin and kief pressed together with trace amount of plant matter to make a solid puck.

When you separate the trichomes (crystals) from the cannabis plant material, you are left with what is known as Kief. A fine powdery/sand like substance, typically golden yellow with a green tint in colour. Kief offers a lot of potency and flavour in a small package.

You’ll also find shatter, rosin, wax and other forms of concentrate available here at the Stash & Co. These are produced using more recent extraction methods (solventless C02 extraction, heat pressed, isopropyl extraction etc.). In most of these methods the cannabinoids (THC, CBD) and terpenes are separated from the plant, leaving you with the purest form of cannabis in terms of effect, flavours, and cannabinoid retention. These concentrated cannabis products can be consumed in a variety of ways, including in a dab rig, concentrate vaporizer, or even just added to dry flower in a bowl or spread on a paper in a joint. There is no limit to the creative uses of concentrates!


The supplement you need, now available in easy-to-take capsule form. Primarily manufactured for medicinal use, cannabis capsules come in various potencies and strains, all discreet enough for quick consumption and relief to minimize the stigma of more traditional cannabis use.


Extracts are produced using a similar process to concentrates, where the cannabinoids and terpenes are separated from the plant in a distilling process (Critical Co2 Extraction is one of the more common methods). These distilled cannabinoids and terpenes (depending on the product) are blended in with a consumable oil, such as sunflower or MCT (coconut) oil.

These oils can then be taken directly or added to capsules and food for an alternative form of consumption. They can also be mixed into transdermal creams for a more targeted direct physical effect.


Unlike consumables, this one’s all about the feeling. This smoke-free alternative means you don’t have to inhale or ingest your fix but simply feel it. Topical cannabis comes in lotions, creams, and oils that can be applied to your hair, skin, and nails for fast absorption and localized, targeted effect, making them the top choice.


If smoking or vaping isn’t your thing, and you’re looking for a fun, safe discrete way to consume cannabis, try our wide selection of deliciously potent gummies, chocolates, teas, sparkling waters and sodas. With a wide array of flavours and potency options we guarantee you’ll find something to go with your perfect Stash every time.


What’s your ideal experience when it comes to cannabis? Cannabis can affect every user differently, partially due to the type of dominant cannabinoid present. A dominant amount of THC or CBD will determine if a strain is potent and has an intense pyscho-active effect or if it has more of a mellow relaxing effect.

A THC-rich cannabis experience is all about the feeling, typically intoxicating and psychoactive, depending on the strain. As for CBD, it typically has less potent less intoxicated effect, but can still proved a mellow relaxed experience. Still not sure how to begin your higher education? Choose a combination of THC and CBD for a less intense psychoactive experience, but just as soothing and rewarding.


Whether it’s fruity, floral, or plain mouthwatering, there’s a perfect terpene for every cannabis craving. Terpenes are the aromatic flavourful essential oils that are naturally found in all plants including cannabis. These oils will give strains various smells like berries, pine, citrus, gas, and a whole lot of other intoxicating scents. And because taste and smell go hand-in-hand, enjoying your cannabis means getting a stash that appeals to your favourite aromas and flavours.

Stash & Co. budtenders are well versed in the different terpenes that can naturally occur in cannabis and can help you find the perfect terpene profile in terms of effects, flavours and potency.