1445 Merivale Rd #101, Ottawa, ON K2E 5N9, Canada

9am-9pm everyday




At Stash & Co., we use the latest in retail technology to celebrate cannabis culture. Our Merivale location features the first of this kind — pneumatic tube technology to deliver your stash from fulfillment to retail. Start with some higher learning: discover the best strain for your stash, and browse our wide selection of consumables and essential accessories to curate your cannabis experience.

Come by for your stash; stay for the people and the culture. Hang out and listen to local artists, and feel the calm wash over you amidst our beautifully preserved Scandinavian moss wall by The Urban Botanist, Ottawa’s very own living-wall specialist Emma Terrel, a vibrant mural by Dems n Doll, and modern water feature. There’s simply no better place in Ottawa to live the high life.


Stash & Co. is here to serve your high expectations. With over 400 cannabis products and accessories, we provide all of Merivale the full cannabis experience. Browse our selection of strains, each curated to suit various tastes, strengths, and desired effects, whether for pain management, relaxation, or pure recreation.

Not sure which strain is your best bud? Our budtenders can help you find the perfect strains to fit your desired tastes and experiences.

How do you like your stash? Get classic consumables like dried flowers, pre-rolls, vape cartridges and concentrates, fully baked cookies and brownies, and edibles like gummies and soft chews. Or get to sipping with THC or CBD-infused teas, dissolvable powders, or carbonated drinks, all dispensed in responsible, health-safe quantities.


Your cannabis experience is only as good as the right tools and accessories. Curate your stash the way it’s meant to be enjoyed — tailored to your desired taste, intensity, and effect, and rolled to perfection. Browse our selection of the most cost-efficient bongs, grinders, lighters, dab rigs and tools, and rolling trays to customize your high and achieve your desired effects every time.

At Stash & Co., we’re all about cannabis culture — on 4/20 and all the days year-round. We seek to embody a lifestyle grounded in the values of cannabis culture, and that includes a deep love of art, music, and a lot more creative endeavours by members of our community. Shop our shirts, hats, toques, hoodies, sweaters, other apparel, and lifestyle essentials like travel mugs and mobile chargers, all by local artists and designers who share our love of cannabis culture.


You don’t just know good weed — you know how it’s meant to be used responsibly. Most of all, you believe that safe access to cannabis products promotes safe use in our community and helps erase long-standing stigma.

At Stash & Co., we value educated, professional, and motivated members of our community who share our passion for safe and quality cannabis and a genuine appreciation for cannabis culture. Our diverse team is composed of safe use advocates, cannabis professionals, artists, and musicians who seek to enrich every customer’s cannabis experience with leading retail technology and a welcoming store environment.

Are you a budding trailblazer? Send us your resume today.



What are the store hours?

9 am-9pm everyday

Is there parking available?

Yes — our 3500 square-foot Merivale cannabis store has a parking lot! You won’t have to struggle with street parking and easily drop by in-store to pick up your cannabis fix, browse accessories and apparel, and meet local community members and artists who share your love of a curated stash.

How do I place an order?

Ordering your Stash has never been easier! You can come visit us in-store and browse our menu or you can simply visit our menu online, search for the products you’re after, add them to the cart and place the order. It only takes us a few minutes to put your order together, so come to the store about 5 minutes after placing it to pick up and pay by your preferred method.

Do I need to use my legal name when placing an order?

Please note that for safety and legal requirements, the name on your order must match the name on your government-issued photo ID and the physical method of payment presented upon in-store order pick-up.

I can’t find the cannabis product/accessory I’m looking for- what do I do?

Our budtenders are here to help you get the best stash at every step of the order and fulfillment process. Don’t hesitate to reach out at for assistance and the cannabis you want every time.

Is there a bus stop nearby?

Stash & Co. Merivale is in one of Ottawa’s most popular neighborhoods — that means your cannabis fix is closer to home than ever. Conveniently located close to the Merivale Rd & Burris Lane stop, you can easily hop on the #80 Barrhaven Centre and #81 Clyde to claim your stash anytime.

Can I pay in-store?

Yes, you can pay in-store.