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Stash & Co. is a human-centred cannabis brand. We exist to deliver the full cannabis experience, one that is rooted in a diverse and artistic culture to erase the stigma of cannabis use. Find the widest selection of cannabis products and accessories in Ottawa carefully curated based on your favourite strains in various forms and customized to your desired taste, strength, and effect.

Our Mission & Vision

At Stash & Co., we believe that cannabis culture thrives because of people: from our educated and passionate professional staff dispensing Health Canada-certified cannabis products, to our customers who benefit from safe cannabis use and the lively arts and culture scene we cultivate with local artists, musicians, and creators.

Our work starts with redefining cannabis retail into a human-centred experience. At the core of our dispensary process is safety managed by our educated staff and the AI Budtender. Together, we will pair your preferences to the right strain and intensity levels on our menu and supply you with the right quantity and form based on your level of cannabis use.

Most of all, we embody the cannabis culture: a warm, welcoming space where people from all walks of life can come together to understand safe cannabis use, find the right strain, and achieve their desired effects. Through our work in certified cannabis accessibility, we also help to educate communities about safe use, while erasing negative stigmas surrounding cannabis products.

Our Mission and Vision - Cannabis Store

The Stash & Co. Culture

The Stash & Co. Culture - Art The Stash & Co Culture - Music
The Stash & Co Culture - Community

What’s cannabis without the culture? Stash & Co. specializes in delivering the full cannabis experience that goes beyond accessing various strains in capsule, oil, topical, edible, dried flower, and pre-rolled forms

We believe that your cannabis fix goes beyond supplying the cannabis products and accessories you need. Rather, it’s welcoming you into the diverse and lively cannabis culture filled with art and music.

At Stash & Co., we cultivate this well-rounded cannabis experience with the help of our educated and talented staff — homegrown artists and musicians in Ottawa, providing a mix of culture and cannabis in their craft. When you browse our selection of cannabis strains, products, and accessories, you can also enjoy your stash with curated apparel designed by cannabis culture enthusiasts and safe access advocates in our community.

Join us for weekly concerts, or view art installations, murals, and paintings in our multi-level cannabis retail and culture hubs at our local stores across Ontario. Stay tuned for an ever-growing cannabis and culture experience with art exhibitions, information sessions, and other community events.

In Partnership with StrainBrain

Stash & Co. is proud to deliver another first: a new, smart way to get your cannabis fix in a safe and informed way. We partnered with StrainBrain to bring AI Budtender to retail — the first of its kind in cannabis retail.

Together with our educated and professional cannabis dispensary staff, AI Budtender is at the forefront of safe and personalized smart cannabis delivery. Stash & Co now delivers the cannabis products you need, customized to your tastes and preferences.

Simply tell the AI Budtender what you’re looking for in terms of taste, strength, and intensity level, and we’ll recommend the Indica, Sativa, Hybrid or CBD strain on our menu to achieve your desired experience. With AI Budtender, you’re guaranteed the perfect cannabis experience every time, such as desired taste, effect, and potency. Start by telling AI Budtender how you like your cannabis, and trust us to get it right.

With the success of AI Budtender, many cannabis retailers are moving towards a smart cannabis delivery system. But Stash & Co. is a pioneer — ahead of the curve and at the forefront of this leading dispensary innovation. Trust the experts to get your fix perfect every time, like no other in the market.

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