Cannabis Accessories and Glassware

How do you like your fix? Enjoy your stash exactly as you please for maximum potency and soothing relaxation or energetic and creative stimulation. Customize your cannabis experience with the right tools, and become your own connoisseur.

Stash & Co. offers the widest selection of durable but affordable cannabis accessories, ranging from glassware and branded grinding, rolling, and vaporizing tools. Whether rolling is your ritual, you prefer a quick and easy fix, or you value purity and taste above all else, our budtenders can complete your dispensary fulfillment with the right accessories tailored for high demands.

Cannabis Accessories and Glassware - Apparel


Bongs & Pipes

A major part of cannabis culture is beautiful and durable glassware, just like the ones from Red Eye Glass that come in different fun colours and patterns to suit your personality. These bongs and pipes provide the right amount of filtration level for smoking and soaking up these herbs.

In bongs, the gas flows from the lower port to its upper counterpart that serves up fumes ready for inhalation. Got your hands full? Pipes are much smaller and easy to use, featuring a loose-leaf chamber connected to a hollow stem that culminates in a mouthpiece.

Bongs & Pipes - White Cheech Pipe Bongs & Pipes - Glassware Bong

Dab Rigs & Tools

A modern upgrade from classic cannabis glassware, our dab rigs and tools from Cheech Glass and West Coast Gifts come in glass, quartz, ceramic, and titanium nail. These hold the “dab” or concentrate, and using a dabber tool is applied to a heated surface to vaporize and easily inhale for quick and potent cannabis consumption.

Dab Rigs & Tools - Dab Rig


For cannabis connoisseurs who don’t just want to roll their own but want even heating and a refined taste, Stash & Co. offers top-shelf grinders from Humble & Fume and Cheech Glass. Metal grinders are most popular because they’re durable and efficient in breaking down flowers into much smaller pieces to roll perfectly sized joints, blunts, and bowls while catching up to the last bud in a gram.

Grinders - Stash Grinder

Rolling Papers and Rolling Trays

Featuring our very own Stash & Co. “blanks” and from West Coast Gifts, these hemp, rice straw, wood pulp, or flax sheets are the perfect companion of every joint effort. Hand-roll or machine-roll your joints with ease for the ultimate smoking experience.

Rolling Papers and Trays - Clay Rolling Trays


Amp up the cool factor that comes from chilling with your best buds. Shield your eyes from the sun — especially when you get the all-too-common reddish “eyes.” Our eyewear collection is locally sourced in collaboration with the community and branded with the signature Stash & Co. look.

Stash & Co Sunglasses

Batteries and Chargers

Never lose your high, thanks to essentials like batteries and chargers that make sure you get your regular fix. Stash & Co. carries all of your dab rig and vaporizer batteries and chargers, so you can take a hit anytime and enjoy well-deserved high times — responsibly, of course.

Batteries and Chargers - Vape Battery


Another upgrade from smoking rolled dried flowers; vaporizers use heat to activate the molecules of a loose-leaf stash or concentrate. Most vaporizers are handheld, but these devices come in all shapes and sizes to help you get your fix with maximum potency once vaporized. Though close cousins, vaporization is a less harmful alternative to smoking since heating occurs at lower temperatures, preventing the flowers from combusting and releasing tar and carcinogens.