Cannabis 101: Your Perfect Strain, Form, and Ways to Use and Enjoy

The high life, curated perfectly to your tastes and preferences. Don’t just get any stash — get the perfect one every time, in the right strain and form. Stash & Co. budtenders and our very own AI Budtender are here to help you choose between Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains in different consumable forms to achieve your desired effect and potency.

Who’s your best bud? Cannabis connoisseurs associate Indica strains with relaxation — mellow enough as you’re winding down and getting ready for a peaceful sleep. For euphoria, there’s Sativa that pairs well with social settings and sharing with fellow cannabis culture lovers, and hybrid strains for the perfect balance of chill and uplifting. Try them out in over 400 of our cannabis products and accessories, including consumables, concentrates, and edibles you can pipe up, roll, and polish off as a treat.

Ask our budtenders about curating your stash and enjoying some pretty remarkable high times.

Different Strains of Cannabis

Some good times are in high demand — and the expectations are high for the most popular and beloved cannabis strains. But before you pipe up, know your stash and the effects in store. The best cannabis fix gives you exactly what you need — it’s all about what you want — and can safely handle.

For mellow nights and some much-needed calm, pair Indica strains with a relaxing movie or soothing music to make the perfect nightcap. Want to turn on the fun and energy? Go the opposite way with Sativa, a buzzing breed that never fails to liven up the scene, get the party started, and unleash your imagination. And when you want it to hit just right, know that hybrid strains will never fail to provide a dose of both calm and pleasure.


Gone are the long nights of restless sleep and anxiety — Indica strains provide deep relaxation and insomnia reduction. Thanks to its dominant CBD content, Indica soothes the weary mind and body, so you can relax as you deserve.


Sometimes, you do need to get your head in the clouds and unleash your imagination. Sativa provides a “head high” to invigorate the mind, tap your creative energy, and get you in the mood to share and socialize. And because it keeps you buzzing, it’s the perfect daytime companion to get through long hours of intense focus and keep anxiety and stress at bay.


Not all highs are euphoric and psychoactive — sometimes, you need to feel on a physical level. Unlike THC-rich strains, cannabis high in CBD isn’t as intoxicating. Instead, CBD is known to ease anxiety and promote relaxation, offering much-needed relief. For new users, a balance of CBD and THC means a less intense high and a perfectly relaxing and mellow introduction to cannabis culture.


Who says you need to choose? Get the best of both worlds with a hybrid strain. Bred to balance the well-known effects of indica and sativa, hybrid cannabis offers a mix of euphoria, creativity, and psychoactive stimulation, with the right amount of sedation, calm, and anxiety reduction.

Types of Cannabis Products

How do you like your cannabis? A curated stash tailored to your tastes and desired effects deserves to be enjoyed to your utmost fulfillment. Our Stash & Co. budtenders are constantly introducing new ways to use your stash and derive the best cannabis fix, whether it’s pre-rolled, edible, dab, or a good old pipe and bong. Learn how each consumable delivers your desired effects

Dried Flower

There’s power in the flowers — dried flowers and herbs are cured and dried to perfection, making them fan-favourites for cannabis connoisseurs who like to roll and smoke their own joints. Other popular variations of these time-tested herbs include sticky cannabis buds. Just keep some rolling paper with your stash on hand.


Grinding your own buds and rolling them into perfect joints may be a beloved ritual, but that’s a lot more time standing between you and some much needed good vibes. Stash & Co. carries pre-rolled joints in various strain-specific flavours, weights, and potency to save you time and let you smoke or save the rest of your curated stash easily.


Here’s a secret from expert growers: the best buds undergo a baptism of fire to achieve strain purity and utmost potency. Cannabis concentrates are expertly distilled to remove excess plant material and other impurities and maximize cannabinoid and terpene content to increase sedative or psychoactive effects. Add a drop of concentrate oil when rolling, or dab it with a rig or vaporizer for easy consumption.


The supplement you need, now available in easy-to-take capsule form. Primarily manufactured for medicinal use, cannabis capsules come in various potencies and strains, all discreet enough for quick consumption and relief to minimize the stigma of more traditional cannabis use.


Made of cannabis extract oil, these cannabis products are popular for their portability and discreet consumption compared to smoking a joint or vaporizing dried flowers. Often mixed with neutral oils like sunflower, cannabis oils are typically packaged in a spray top or dropper bottle for oral use.


Unlike consumables, this one’s all about the feeling. This smoke-free alternative means you don’t have to inhale or ingest your fix but simply feel it. Topical cannabis comes in lotions, creams, and oils that can be applied to your hair, skin, and nails for fast absorption and localized, targeted effect, making them the top choice.


Fully baked and fresh from the oven, or light and sweet — get your cannabis fix in the form of delicious munchies ranging from brownies and cookies to gummies, candies, and even THC or CBD-infused beverages. Another smoke-free alternative to smoking dried flowers, edibles feature a longer onset period and gradually build up to achieve maximum potency as desired.

The Difference Between THC and CBD

What’s your high? Cannabis affects every user differently, primarily due to the type of dominant cannabinoid present. THC or CBD — the best one all depends on what you’re looking for, whether it’s energy and stimulation or a mellow nightcap and relaxation.

A THC-rich cannabis fix is all about the feeling, typically intoxicating and psychoactive, depending on the strain. But if you want all of the soothing and none of the intoxication, opt for CBD at your next dispensary refill. Still not sure how to begin your higher education? Choose a combination of THC and CBD for a less intense psychoactive experience, but just as soothing and rewarding.

Cannabis Terpenes

Whether it’s fruity, floral, or plain mouthwatering, there’s a perfect terpene for every cannabis craving. Terpenes are the aromatic compounds found in cannabis, making various strains smell like berries, pine, citrus, fuel, and a whole lot of other intoxicating scents. And because taste and smell go hand-in-hand, enjoying cannabis culture means getting a stash that appeals to both senses for utmost relief or recreation.

Stash & Co. budtenders also study different terpenes and tailor strain and potency recommendations based on terpene content. Terpenes are found to promote relaxation, stress relief, focus, and acuity, so curating your perfect stash means a fully balanced taste, smell, and intensity profile.

Cannabis Terpenes - Terpene Bar