London, are you ready? The Stash & Co. fam is moving in, and we are so excited to introduce ourselves! Stash & Co. is proud to offer an immersive cannabis experience centered around human connection, cannabis culture, and the latest in innovative technology. We are your one stop shop for all things cannabis in London. Whether you need to stock up on your stash, upgrade your bong, or get in on the latest in vape technology; we have you covered.

At Stash & Co., our weed dispensary provides an all-inclusive and welcoming environment that offers the best in cannabis education for all levels of experience. Newbie to seasoned vet, our budtenders will help you find the perfect match.

Our state-of-the-art retail space in the downtown core of London brings our love for all things artistic and creative to the forefront. You will find a stunning mural showcasing the beauty that is the forest city by Artists DemsNDolls, a beautiful hand-crafted Scandinavian moss wall by the Urban Botanist herself, Emma Terrell, and a passion for people that will keep you coming back for more.

Cannabis Dispensary in London


Stash & Co. is all about meeting the highest of expectations by providing the best available products on the market. We are proud to offer over 400 cannabis products and accessories, hand picked to meet all your cannabis needs in London.

Unsure what to try next? Chat us up about all your various taste, strength, and experience preferences. Our Budtenders specialize in finding the perfect match for all occasions and we love engaging in some good old terp talk.

Not in the mood to chat? Check out our AI Budtender. In partnership with StrainBrain, our AI Budtender is programed with the latest in cannabis retail technology. The multi-choice questionnaire takes your experience, desired effect, and activity of choice into account when finding the perfect strain for you.

Cannabis, edibles, dabs! Oh my! Rediscover the classics with a fresh line up of flower, concentrates and edibles. Indulge your cannabis curiosities by experiencing the newest in cannabis consumables on the market with beverages, dissolvable powder, THC/CBD breath strips and so much more!

Cannabis Products


Your cannabis experience is only as good as the people around you…and of course the perfect accessories! Curate your Stash experience they way it is supposed to be with our assorted line up of bongs, dab rigs, pipes, rolling trays, ash trays and anything and everything in between. For those with a more eclectic taste, check out the stunning accessories created by local artists all over Ontario.

Cannabis culture and comfortable hoodies are two things that are very near and dear to us here at Stash & Co. So of course, we had to combine our two loves and share that love with you all. Presenting Stash & Co. apparel & accessories. Hoodies that feel like a hug, toques that hide even the worst of bad hair days, papers that roll like a dream, and rolling trays to keep you clean.


Cannabis is not just a plant we love; it has created a diverse culture and welcoming community that has impacted so many people in such a lasting way. At Stash & Co., we seek to embody that cannabis culture by maintaining close ties with our London community, collaborating with local musician and artists, and giving back in any way that we can.

Come by and say High! Take your pick from our vast assortment of bongs, vapes, rigs, and more at our London weed dispensary. Leave knowing you have made a new friend down on Clarence St.

Cannabis Accessories & Apparel

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Our accessible location in the Central London neighbourhood means you can park on Clarence St while you dash in to pick up your order and browse our accessories, apparel, and other art.

Getting your stash has never been easier. You can order online on our website by selecting “shop now” or come in and say high! One of our experienced budtenders will show you around the store and help you find what you are looking for.

Please note that for safety and legal requirements, the name on your order must match the name on your government-issued photo ID and physical method of payment presented upon in-store order pick-up.