What is STASHPass?

Stash & Co. is no ordinary cannabis store. With an aim to embody cannabis culture rooted in inclusivity, community, arts & music, we leverage the ‘people factor’. At Stash & Co, our customers are everything to us. We don’t just say it. We show it.

STASHPass gives you access to exclusive offers on accessories and apparel while giving you the inside scoop on Stash & Co. updates and events. STASHPass allows you to become an active part of our collective and to contribute to your community through our philanthropic initiatives, all while reaping the rewards of shopping Stash.

Who can join STASHPass?

You can join STASHPass if you are of legal age Ontario (19+) and hold valid government-issued ID.

How do I join STASHPass?

Joining STASHPass is easy & free. No purchase necessary. No catch. Simply visit any of our Stash & Co. retail locations & speak to one of our Budtenders. Sign up with your full name and email address. Every time you make a purchase at Stash & Co., you will be automatically rewarded for your visit. Check in with one of our Budtenders during your visit to check your point balance and your eligibility for in-store rewards.

What personal information do you require?

To join STASHPass, we require your full name & email address. At your request, you can be added to our e-mail newsletter list to receive store updates, exclusive promotions & offers. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. STASHPass is subject to our Privacy Policy.

Can I use my STASHPass at different Stash & Co. Locations?

Yes, you can. No matter which Stash & Co. store you visit, your points will still be added to your existing customer profile.

How do I start earning points?

Sign-up with one of our Budtenders in-store to instantly begin earning points. Points are earned through every purchase made at Stash & Co., including online orders (if the name & information used to place the order matches that of your STASHPass profile). When using your mobile wallet, you can check your points, see redeemable rewards, and browse our live menu. For every 4000 points you earn - and they rack up quick! - you receive $10 in points for use on select apparel, accessories, and more!

When do I receive my points?

You will receive your points immediately after a purchase. To check your points, visit us in store to speak to a Budtender or send us an inquiry at

Can I transfer my points to another person?

Unfortunately, you cannot transfer your points to another person at this time.

How do I redeem my points?

As you gain points, additional rewards, perks, accessories, events, and experiences are unlocked. To redeem your rewards, visit your nearest Stash & Co. location and speak to one of our friendly Budtenders. There, show us your customer profile and your desired reward of choice. Note: the customer profile for which rewards are being redeemed from must match the valid government-issued identification of the customer who is personally redeeming the reward in-store. In other words, you must prove that it is your reward that you are redeeming.

Can I redeem multiple rewards in the same transaction?

Yes, you can! There is plenty of love to go around.

How will I receive my reward?

All rewards are to be redeemed in-store in the presence of a Budtender.

I have made purchases at Stash & Co. prior to joining STASHPass. Can I retroactively redeem my points?

Unfortunately, your STASHPass points are not retroactive and only earned once you sign-up to be a member of STASHPass.

Further Questions?

Please contact us at for any STASHPass information, customer service, questions and / or inquiries.