391 Bank Street, Ottawa, ON K2P 1Y3


Open 9am - 8pm Everyday Delivery + Curbside Pick-up


1445 Merivale Road, Ottawa, ON K2E5N9


Open 9am - 8pm Everyday Delivery + Curbside Pick-up

The Stash & Co. Experience

Stash & Co. is a human-centred and community-oriented cannabis brand aimed at de-stigmatizing and disarming the cannabis retail experience. We embody and cultivate a cannabis culture that is rooted in community, inclusivity, arts and music.

Stash & Co. is your cannabis destination in Ottawa. Serving communities in Merivale, Centretown, and soon in Stittsville, we take cannabis retail to a whole new level. Our cannabis dispensary is built on safety — providing you with the right quantity of Health Canada-certified cannabis products and strains to achieve your desired effect.

Our multi-level cannabis retail spaces feature locally produced art and music that help us connect with over 20,000 customers across the Ottawa region, from Cornwall and Brockville, to Smiths Falls, Perth, Tweed, and more.

Stash&Co Experience - Ampersand

What to Expect

As a locally-owned cannabis store in Ottawa and the first in Centretown, Stash & Co. is proud to promote cannabis culture by embodying everything it represents through community initiatives. Our commitment to safety, openness, and education has helped us to shift cannabis culture positively and slowly undo the stigma of cannabis use in our community.

At Stash & Co., we welcome customers from all walks of life looking for the best cannabis products for their needs. Using the revolutionary AI Budtender, and with the help of our friendly and professional dispensary staff, you can pair your desired taste, intensity level, and strength with the right cannabis strain and form.

Stash & Co. has transformed access to cannabis retail into a seamless lifestyle experience — browse locally designed apparel and art, and listen to music by local artists as you wait for your stash to be prepared exactly as you like it.

What to Expect - Front of Store