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What Factors Influence the Effects of Cannabis?

Cannabinoids are chemical substances found in both humans and cannabis plants; they are known as endocannabinoids in humans. We create them naturally through our endocannabinoid system, which is believed to regulate our emotions, movements and responses. Furthermore, the endocannabinoids bind to cannabinoid receptor sites located throughout the body. The cannabinoids of the cannabis plant – the best researched of which are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) – both interact with and inhibit the action of these receptors. 

Because the number and position of receptors vary from person to person, so do our reactions to THC and CBD. Therefore, their responses and effects may differ, even if two individuals ingest the same cannabis strain. In addition to ingestion technique and frequency, the effects of cannabis vary on heredity, age, sex, personality, present mood and any preexisting mental health disorders.

What Does the Research Show?

Many users have indicated that cannabis may have health advantages and effects, if you’re wondering how cannabis may be of benefit to your health, speak with your doctor.

Cannabis contains hundreds of cannabinoids in addition to THC and CBD. However, experts have yet been unable to conduct sufficient investigations into how they operate and their impacts on the body.

Where Can You Find Unbiased Information?

Where Can You Find Unbiased InformationEven though many Licensed Producers provide anticipated or reported effects for their products, this information is often gathered solely from users who have taken them. The impacts have often not been collected or evaluated scientifically. Check trustworthy sources, such as the website of the Canadian government, for the most recent research.

The best method to determine the effects of cannabis is through personal experience. Start with a lesser THC and CBD product, and use a modest quantity to determine its effects.

Tips for Responsible Use

Even seasoned cannabis users can benefit from the guidelines below. Responsible cannabis use will help you control your experience. Consider these four guidelines when selecting and using cannabis:

  • Start with a very little quantity, particularly if you’re new to cannabis, a new product, or a new consumption technique.
  • Think about the THC and CBD content of items. To mitigate some of the effects of THC, first-time users should choose products with lower THC concentrations or greater CBD concentrations.
  • Consider safer alternatives to inhaling combustion products (smoking).
  • Consume a very small quantity of cannabis and observe the effects for at least an hour. A small quantity may have a powerful, enduring impact.

Build Your Stash the Smart, Easy Way

At Stash and Co., we assist you in customizing your cannabis usage for optimal experiences every time. Our collaborators at StrainBrain created AI Budtender, an intelligent approach to getting cannabis based on your preferred flavour, effects and potency. Budtender will match your requirements and preferences with the correct strain on our menu to provide your fix exactly as you want.

Find out more and change things to suit your tastes. Want a certain effect or level of intensity? We have a wide selection of THC and CBD cannabis products with different terpene profiles. Do you wish to try cannabis for the first time? You’re in good hands with us.

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